Wednesday: April 29, 2020

Do you recall the story about a team of infantry soldiers winning against a well structured military presented in the yesterday’s post? Well, here is a follow up. I attempted the same warfare strategy and went against an opponent: my outcome, I lost the fight. Disappointed, certainly because I lost one commanding star due to the loss but then again I learnt something from the experience: ‘you do not always have to adopt another person’s approach just because you see it work for them’.

For all I knew, while the infantry may have won the war, the allocation of other skill sets, prior experiences and technical knowhow may have been playing behind the scenes. I have won battles, not with only infantry but a mixture of artillery and I guess for a moment, I got too drawn into this ‘new’ approach that I ignored what I was good at.

That is something that gets us in trouble: we forget about what we have, what we know and honing those traits to immediately adopt novelty being used by others because it looks better than ‘ours’. Thus, we end up disappointed when we don’t get the same results since because novelty to us, is not the same to another. We may therefore end up abandoning something great for another that may not be for us.

So my lesson which I share with you is this: ‘do not be too quick to abandon what you have and adopt another person’s approach to life just because you see it work for them’. Learn to hone what you have and when appropriate, be systematic when it comes to change’


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