No Date today just to let you know that:

Exodus 12:2 This month will mark the beginning of months for you. It will be the first month of the year for you

From what I recall following a return trip to Sydney, in travelling to another side of the world, you can lose or gain any of time. That seems to make little logical sense but I recall my flight departing London at 8pm on a Thursday and landing in Sydney at 7am on a Saturday even though the actual flight time was just under 22 hours. The time zones are thus one feature that tell different locations apart and is uniquely dependent on longitudinal position.

Against this backdrop, we have an interesting reset in the life of Israel. As residents in Egypt, they likely followed their timelines for time, seasons and months in the year. However, before their exit to the promise land, God proposed a reset and presented a new timeline ‘now, this month will be the first month of your year’. Regardless of their position according to the Egyptian calendar, that was to be their first month.

This filled me with some joy because today maybe the 9th day of the 4th month in the year 2020 according to the gregorian calendar, but to God, today can become the first day of the first month for ‘YOUR YEAR’. Did you get the message? Let me break it down: in the eyes of God, our individual timelines are unique and specific to us. God is able to restore time lost, if unsure ask Job. He is able to give extra time and reverse time if He so desires, ask king Hezekiah. He resets time for Israel today and Joshua will confirm that God can keep time still if He so desires.

Sweetheart, perhaps a few glitches, errors, mistakes and delays here and there have filled you with concern that you are too late in life and have been left behind by everyone else. That may be the case if you look at the general timeline but in God’s eyes, you may just be greeting ready to enter the first day of the first month of your year; a full reset and restart.


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