GOOD FRIDAY: April 10, 2020

John 18:15-16 Simon Peter and another disciple followed behind Jesus. When they arrived, Peter waited in the doorway while the other disciple was granted access because of his relationship with the high priest. That disciple spoke to the woman at the door, and Peter was allowed inside.

Regardless of how high you are ranked in society by status or wealth, some events are strictly by invitation only and no amount of status can get you in. In other words, there are some doors you will not be able to get through unless you satisfy specific requirements.

We see this in action in the Gospel today where one disciple was permitted into the High priest’s compound but Peter, master fisherman and chief Apostle had to wait outside the gate. It took some negotiation and possibly evidence of association provided by the other disciple to get Peter access into the courtyard. On this Good Friday, this event could not have told our story any better.

Into God’s courtyard, we dreamed of entering but because there was a door of righteousness through which we had to go, we were stranded outside for we did not meet that criteria. Jesus, who is known by the father and is our high priest proceeded through those doors and fulfilled the requirements to also get us into the courtyard. He then associates His righteousness and perfection with us, thus granting us the access we need.

Beloved, without this pass, the door to God would have remained closed to us and no amount of forced or detailed negotiation would get us in. But Jesus choice to open His arms on the cross sent out an enhanced VIP pass that grants us eternal access to the father so that we now no longer need to go through a gate keeper. We only need to walk through the gates bearing our passes – the conviction in our heart that Christ died and rose for us.

That is the story of today, so my dear ‘let us come boldly to the very throne of God and stay there to receive his mercy and to find grace to help us in our times of need’


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