THE DISMISSAL OF JUDAS: PART 2 (with Maclaren’s commentary)

Wednesday: April 8, 2020

John 13:27 And after Judas took the piece of bread, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are about to do, do quickly.”

As we continue our discussion from where we left off yesterday, we cast our lens this time off Judas to focus on Jesus. We could say that at this point, He had stopped walking and was running towards the cross. As Maclaren puts it, by dispatching Judas to go quickly, ‘Jesus stretches out his hand toward the cross as though to draw it nearer to himself’. This was the same man who with tears, queried if it was indeed the will of God that he died on cross, here now embracing that very same cross.

What had changed? He had received an answer to His question and had realised that the will of God for him included the cross. In obedience to the father and with love for the world, he thus hastened to the cross. At that very moment, we – ‘YOU and I’ – were right thin his heart and that love sped up the process to tell us that ‘the world’s salvation had to be accomplished without delay’. These were the cords that bound Him to the cross not the nails.

Beloved, a sweet and fragrant offering has been presented for us on the cross. A sacrifice so precious and priceless was lifted up so our salvation could be fulfilled. It is the voice of this same saviour, who knowing all our weaknesses and deep seated emotions continues to whisper to us from the depths of love to also ‘make haste and also do quickly what we are about to do’.

This time however, not in following the footsteps of Judas to reject his conviction of sin and friendship, but like Jesus himself; stretch out our arms not just to pull a cross to ourselves, but to embrace the perfect love pouring out from the one who hang on one for us.


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