Monday: January 6, 2020

On my cycling to catch the train this morning, I took a short cut through the town park because I wanted to save a few minutes. On a particular part of this route, there is about a 150 metre stretch which poses a significant challenge to many cyclists when moving against it. But if cycling downhill, it is quite a pleasant experience because besides gentle braking, gravity does the rest.

As I often do, while going downhill, I met another cyclist walking uphill and pushing his bike. I smiled as though to say ‘thank goodness that is not me’. However, as I reached the bottom of the hill, I noticed him get back on his bike and also realised that on my way back home, I will be travelling against that same slope I travelled down effortlessly earlier in the day.

This is the lesson I learnt: whether among class mates or peers in our age group, along the same stretch of road, situations may be different. While others may be in free fall, effortlessly zooming along in life, others may seem to fighting an uphill battle against all the forces that be. If the latter is your story, I have some news for you:

“Every mountain, no matter how high it is, has a peak beyond which there is another slope.”

Sweetheart, you may be at that stage in life where you are battling upwards against storms, avalanches and even gravity to reach the peak. Yet, once you reach the peak and keep moving forward, you will reach a face with a descending slope. So know that the situation will improve, my dear, things will change. Just keep pushing forward knowing that you are never alone and beyond that tough uphill climb, there is a rapid acceleration downhill.


You don’t have to see it to believe it!

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