Tuesday: 31st December, 2019

When we make big discoveries, we rejoice: when the elements were discovered, scientists rejoiced and when novel treatments are discovered for conditions, medics rejoice. In that manner, all seekers of knowledge are delighted when new knowledge is identified. On the last day of the year, one of such knowledge which I discovered while watching a daytime game show is what I share with you.

Would you recall the number of times you have spoken or typed the word ‘GOODBYE’ in the course of the year? Probably over a hundred times I would estimate. Going into the new year however, do not hesitate to say some more GOODBYES.

On this game show, I came to know that GOODBYE is actually the contracted form of the words ‘GOD BE WITH YOU’ and that made me realise it isn’t just any words, but it can be a prayer. A prayer for protection, a prayer for the presence of God to journey with, and a prayer for the conscious acknowledgement of our desire for all to bask in the light of God’s majesty.

Many people on this night will say ‘Goodbye 2019’, but today, that will mean God has been with us throughout the year. In 2020, we will keep saying goodbye, but let the intentions and heart behind them not be as empty words spoken upon parting. Let them be as the words of Saint Paul to the church at Ephesus ‘And now I entrust you to God and to the message of his grace.'(Acts 20:30a)

That is what every GOODBYE should mean. So in the coming year, I reiterate: do not be hesitant to say ‘GOODBYE’ – GOD BE WITH YOU.

God bless you for journeying through the year with his word. 🙏
May the coming year be one in which God surprises you with the abundance of His graces. But bear in mind, He makes all things beautiful only in HIS TIME, not yours. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


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