In case you are now awaking and wondering what day today is, it is Wednesday, the 1st of January, but the year is 2020- It is a new decade. However, I am curious as to the emotions you feel after the realisation and acknowledgement of this reality?

Sadness because of the loved ones or the opportunities you lost the past year?

Excitement at the arrival of a new decade and new things to look forward to?

Surprise at how quickly the past year sped by and ended?

Worry you might waltz through the year and still arrive at its end without any change?

Fear because of the uncertainties the year will present? Or

Dread at what this year will throw at you based on your experiences in the year?

Beloved, you could really have a mixed bag of contrasting emotions. But hey, there is always something good for us. We know we arrived at this threshold not on our own accord, but we have been brought here. Thus, there is a reason to be in hope because God has already started and being alive is our first tangible evidence.

I am sure it would be perfect news to hear: this year you will lose nothing and miss out on nothing but you will gain everything. Yet, our truth is all things will happen in GOD’S TIME. This year could be it or not, yet that should not make this a ‘bad’ year because God will surely use it to set you up for a grand finish in HIS time.

So keep aligning yourself with the will of God for your life and your year will be a glorious one.

Beloved, welcome to the NEW YEAR.


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