30th December, 2019


Choosing to go it alone can set you up for a giant splash when you fall.

There are times when a one-man-army seems the good way to go. However, on many other occasions, working with others proves to be the best option. Teamwork comes with greater diversity, wider thinking and unfamiliar approaches to solving issues which can have tremendous positive effect. God can be your closest ally if you choose to have Him in your team. So instead of going it alone, go with God.


Strive to stay committed to task

A single-minded approach, which requires a lot of conscious and intentional actions to keep pursuing an agenda is something that came in handy this year. Even then, I know there is still more that can be done. A commitment to meeting short term targets ultimately culminate into long term objectives being realised also. So don’t just look solely at the future forgetting that today’s choice could influence the tomorrow you seek. Stay committed today.


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