Sunday: 29th December, 2019


Ladders have rungs for a reason.

I have learnt this year that it is okay to work from the bottom up. To start from ground zero and work your way up any ladder – employment, relationship, studies etc. It is fine not to know some things, but be open to learning. To be prepared to move up the rungs of the ladder and still have the courage to climb again even when we slip down.


Make plans for your absence

For many of us, things come to a grinding halt when we are not around. In our societies, homes or schools, our absence is immediately realised. In itself, that may suggest we have a significant impact on the life of our community. However, it can also be inferred that we have not worked hard enough to raise others to take our place. With our presence, let us raise others up so that our absence does not leave an unfilled chasm behind.


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