28th December, 2019

When things change, you may have to change everything.

Change is something that appears to distort rhythm because it introduces a variable that may have different levels of chemistry with pre existing conditions. However, change is not something we can control, it is our attitude to change that can be altered. So this year, I took a different approach to do things I may otherwise be unwilling to do. I changed my attitude to changed and I intend to keep doing so.


Each of us has to find our own path, it is not about being correct or the right answers. It is about finding out what God wants me to do.

We can very easily lose track of things and begin swaying towards other paths because they may seem attractive and more pleasant. Sweetheart, your race is yours to run and your path yours to tread. Don’t get distracted by the runs and journeys of others, look forward.


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