26TH December, 2019

As the year draws to a close, I just chose to take a moment to share some of the lessons the year has taught me. It will be a pleasure to also know what you have also learnt from the year:


God has not made a mistake that you find yourself where you are.

This is the year when I was taught the importance of location in the plans of God. Where I have been able to go, the people I have been able to meet, the amazing relationships I have forged, have all being location dependent. You may have a desire to change location and for many of us, God looks forward to your move. In fact, He has already set the ball rolling. But before that move materialises, do something because you are not where you are just to occupy the space


You lose nothing by acknowledging you are wrong.

This is a lesson I have learn from the this kind courtesy of my dearest N. E. I enjoy being right but this is the year I have grown personally to acknowledge that it isn’t possible to be right all time. Even then, acknowledging this fact is difficult because we feel we might lose face and our ego will take a hit. But beloved, loved ones bring things to our attention in a bid to improve us. Therefore, we should be unafraid to admit to and apologise for being wrong. It does a lot of good.

Those are my first two lessons picked up this year. What have you learnt? Take some time to share.


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