Wednesday: 25th December, 2019

A story is told of a group of shepherds who went to visit the new born Jesus at the manger. Amongst them was one who had nothing to offer and so stood away from the crowd with empty hands. As Mary and Joseph kept receiving the gifts that the other shepherds had brought, they found it no space to receive them as their hands were getting full. However upon seeing one shepherd standing by with empty hands, they invited him in and placed the infant Jesus in his hands.

From just empty hands, those same hands had just become the cradle of God. When he had nothing to offer, he received the greatest gift of all – Jesus.
That is what Christmas is about- not that we have brought to God, but that he has given to us. It is a reminder that even when we failed to measure up, God still allowed us to touch Him and to see Him.

What we learn every Christmas is that everything stems from Jesus who became God’s gift to the world. It isn’t about the abundance of gifts, outings or the foods we can enjoy, but how our lives in themselves can be changed to become gifts to others. Christmas is not so much about what we get to receive, but what we have to give. That is what the season is about and we have Christ’s example to follow.


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