Tuesday: 30th July, 2019

I hope it’s not too late along the line to ask you some questions? And to each of them, I really want you to think for a few minutes about the answer you would give.

Question 1

Who do you see yourself as? Whose stock do you think you are? I know you have a name, a personality, gifts and talents but in an amalgam of all these things, who are you?

Question 2

At what stage of life do you think you are: the start, middle or the tail end? At what point in the process of growth and development are you? Have you reached as high as you want to or is there more ground to cover? Where are you on your journey?

Question 3

Seriously, how are you? How are you physically and socially? How are you fairing emotionally after the many failures, disappointments and losses? How are you coping with the changing dynamics that life keeps throwing your way? Beloved, How are you?

These are the three ‘simple’ questions I present to you to ponder on not just today, but at every opportunity you get. Check that you know who you are, where you are and how you are. It is really for your own good.


2 thoughts on “THREE ‘SIMPLE’ QUESTIONS?

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  1. I have been blessed by each write-up, and so I don’t miss any. Thanks and may The Most High God grant you His Grace to keep up the good work. Remain Blessed.


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