Monday: 24th June, 2019

Reference text: Isaiah 49:1- 6

Isaiah 49:2 He made my mouth like a sharp sword; he hid me in the shadow of his hands. He made me like a polished arrow and hid me away in his quivers.

Although there are modern equipment for cutting down trees, in parts of the world, the axe remains the one tool available. The act of felling any tree in itself is a physically demanding task, so throw in the prospect of using a blunt axe for this task and the degree of difficulty increases exponentially.

With this in mind, it is generally expected that every sword that makes its way into a scabbard should have the ability to cut, in the same way an arrow that makes its way into a quiver, should have the ability to pierce its target when released. Thus, when these tools are unable to do that for which they have been designed, a lot of inconveniences can be generated.

So the descriptives used in today’s text speak volumes- the mouth was not compared to just a sword, but a sharp one and the arrows, polished and set for use. Just picture how bad it can get to enter the frame of a real sword fight armed with a blunt sword or to tryout at an archery context carrying blunt arrows in your quiver?

Beloved, God is aware of the inconveniences both scenarios can create hence, ensures that we, His partners; are sharpened swords in His scabbard and polished arrows in His quiver ready to be deployed. He takes it upon himself to do all the polishing and sharpening so that when we are presented to the world, we are ready to manifest His glory- To do what He has created us to do.


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