Sunday 23rd June, 2019

Reference text : Luke 9:11b-17

Luke 9:12 Late in the afternoon the twelve apostles came to Jesus and said, “Send the crowd to the villages and farms around here. They need to find a place to stay and something to eat. There is nothing in this place. It’s like a desert!”

‘An opinion is a thought or belief about something or someone which may not necessarily be based on fact or knowledge’. In other words, any one including yourself, can have an opinion about an issue and come to a reasonable conclusion that your opinion is informed by best interest and thus, should be pursued.

That is exactly what we notice with the Apostles today: their report to Jesus was founded on their own assessment of the current state of affairs. There wasn’t enough food and lodging to provide for the multitudes who were listening to Jesus so they suggested He send them away to find provisions. Looking at their grim financial position and the fact that they were in a deserted location, their conclusions seemed valid.

However, Jesus had other ideas and rather asked the people to make themselves comfortable where they were before the miracle of the multiplication of bread and fish happened

My dear, let’s get this now: Your own counsel is not always right, neither is that of others. The only time when our opinions ought to be followed are when they align with that of God concerning a matter. You can counsel yourself and get it wrong, likewise, you can be counselled by others and still miss the mark. Not because the counsel is incorrect, but because the definition of ‘your best interest’ upon which the the counsel is founded, differs from how God defines it.

Beloved, the only person whose counsel never fails is the Lord. Even then, we are not always attentive and are preoccupied with unending worries. Thus, God also seems to say nothing until He sees that we are listening. So, Are you listening?


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