Friday: 25th May, 2018

Reference text: Psalm 103

Psalms 103:14 For he knoweth our frame; he remembers that we are dust.

Though I have been an attendee to just two funerals my entire life, I have come to realise that regardless of how a person lived, their tributes always seem to highlight only their good traits. Almost as though after death, it becomes an easier choice to celebrate their good and forget their wrongs. To put in much simpler terms, it appears easier to see others as ‘also human’ and prone to mistakes, only when they are gone.

The Psalmist highlights this trait about God: ‘he remembers our frame and knows that we are dust’. The one who created us knows us through and through, hence, makes provision for us to find him even when we stray because ‘we are human’. As much as we seek perfection in our relationship with God and with other people, we step on toes, we disappoint and we all make mistakes; often some very big ones.

We say words we don’t intend to and do things we never intend to. We swear heaven and earth when making promises, only to break them and the hearts of those to whom they are made. But these are part of what make us human. This fact, further throws more light on the importance of remembering, and not forgetting the first of the benefits we receive from God as the Psalmist points out: His forgiveness(Ps. 103vs 3). Because, if we do not acknowledge this from the Lord, what will we cling to?

The anger, fear and wrath of a God who is impossible to please? Or, a God who holds us against such high standards that in our minds, we have failed and only await the declaration of results. Sweetheart, we can hold others against similarly high human standards based on their own words, standards to which they are likely to also fall short of. It is in such moments that what you really need to do is to forgive them just as you are forgiven.

Remember # your choice to forgive is particularly relevant when the person to receive it is still around – don’t put this off.


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