Saturday: 26th May, 2018

Reference text: James 5:13-20

James 5:13 Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

Even though the little pharmacology I have studied strongly disproves any statement to the effect that: ‘there is one medication that can act as the go-to drug for all ailments’, back home, this happens to be the one of the key selling point of those who who attempt to sell medication in a setting alternate to the pharmacy. They portray their product as all-in-one, thus provoking the question: “why is the one stop for all narrative” the go-to punchline?

This is because human as we are, if we had the choice, we are more likely to opt for multifunctional products than ones with specified uses. In light of this, James in his Epistle does not offer a list of suggestions, but just a single statement – Are you in any trouble? Experiencing hardship? or Suffering? Then pray.

Many will have the reaction of ‘I expected something more than that’ and our reasons are often because we have underestimated the power of prayer. In that single statement, our minds are pushed from what we already know towards a broader perspective of what prayer should mean for the believer. Our knees should be hitting the ground faster and longer, while our voices rise up higher than it currently does to our God.

Sweetheart, the many testimonies we see and hear all around us should give us an idea that prayer does work. In fact, it’s efficacy is so guaranteed that it can be presented as the single solution to all that we would classify as a big problems. So again, is any among you in trouble? Let them pray – and let them also not be afraid to join hands with the community of believers in prayer. But

Remember # don’t turn your life into a prayer project for others, let your knees also hit the ground.



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  1. Great write-up. Prayer should be our daily language to God and be accorded the utmost importance above all forms of communication. Because every word written in the Good Book is true and efficacious. Keep it up Sly

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