DAY 139

There is an ongoing war, a battle between good and evil, between light and darkness, between those who are on the Lord’s side and those who are not. This battle however has an interesting prize as its target- while it does appear that the grande picture is the entire colonisation of large swaths of territory with a specific way of living, at its foundation, on this earth, it is simply ‘a battle for men’.

It is a race between the powers of darkness and the Spirit of God for the hearts and minds of men because it is the possessor of these who determines who the Spirit in man submits to.

A parallel is seen between God’s message to Elijah when he cried out to that he was alone. He was told ‘there are 7000 whom I have that have not bowed to Baal’ (1 kings 19:18). Paul is not given an exact number but God assured him ‘I have many in this city who are my people’. Because of that backing and confidence, Paul was asked to keep speaking and not be silent.

Unlike Paul, our charge might not be to keep speaking, but to keep doing, keep learning or keep listening. Simply, to keep doing what our conviction and purpose in God requires of us because we are not alone. Even we may not see them all, we can be assured in any territory, there are still men who are on the Lord’s side.


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