DAY 72

Reference Text: 2 Kings 5:1-15

When you find someone functioning within the scope of their expertise, they are like geniuses. However, when the same person faces situations about which they have no clear experience, one of a couple of responses can happen: “freeze and panic, choose to learn about it then do, or find someone else who is an expert to execute the task”.

The first option gets you nowhere, the second will cost you time and the third will cost you an alternative currency, say money or relationships. This is the story of the two Kings at the centre of today’s text.

The king of Syria sent Naaman with a letter saying ‘I have sent my servant Naaman to you, cure him of his leprosy’ (vs 6). This king had no power to cure, so when he heard Naaman mention a prophet who could, he sent him on his way. In contrast, the king of Israel did not even seem to know there was such a prophet in his own territory hence, he perceived the request in the letter of Naaman as a pretext for war against Israel (vs 7).

To add to this, he also could neither cure leprosy, nor did he seem to know of no one who could, so he panicked, even tearing his own clothes.

Beloved, life as we see it is not always about your capacity to do something, it also hinges on your ability to leverage the resources others have to complete what needs to be done.


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