DAY 69

Reference text: Genesis 37

In the grande scheme of things, Joseph’s life was spared because his assignment lay in Egypt, and God would ensure that all things facilitated his arrival into that land. Regardless, taking a very microscope view of this scripture reveals the state of one man’s heart that would account for Joseph’s life being spared.

Scripture is not unclear for we are made aware explicitly: ‘his brothers hated him, then they hated him the more, then they envied him- not one, all of them(37 vs 4,5,8,11). Following this is when they conspired to kill him, but Reuben was not in agreement. That lack of agreement is what saved Joseph’s life because it introduced a system by which time was afforded him for things to align right.

We would notice that at the time he was sold to the Ishmaelite traders, Reuben was not in the known because he had declared his stand, and the others knew. He was opposed to what they were doing, even purposing to return Joseph to Jacob. So even though Joseph sits at the heart of this story, it is Reuben whom I want us to look closely at because he resembles the life of the believer when they disagree with, or take a stance against a particular norm or choice that is globally accepted.

We might become alienated, isolated and often times, will literally not be given the opportunity to sit at the table. But we still ought to stand for the standards and values God Stipulates. It is in our obedience to him that we enjoy the good of the land. This may even set us on a collision course with the world, but it will surely align us with God.


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