DAY 60

Luke 11:31 And at the Judgment Day the queen of Sheba shall arise and point her finger at this generation, condemning it, for she went on a long, hard journey to listen to the wisdom of Solomon; but one far greater than Solomon is here and few pay any attention.

Where value is unknown, abuse is inevitable’. These words of Myles Munroe echo as the Gospel is read today. Jesus was near to, and greater than both Solomon and Jonah, yet his audience failed to recognise who He was.

The queen of Sheba, who travelled miles to see Solomon, did not simply gather her entourage just to go and see another king. She was royalty enough in her own right. To benefit from Solomon therefore, she had to esteem him by discerning that the value of whatever he carried was worthy of her pursuit. Without this expected return, perhaps we would never had read about their encounter.

The law of value is like this “what you do not value, you cannot receive from”. This is not limited to objects, but also for people, and even for situations. In fact, your spirit will appear to resist anything that flows from that stream. It matters not what ability is inherent or what skills are on display, until we learn to discern and appreciate the value others bring, we will find always them irrelevant or conclude that they have nothing to offer.


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