DAY 44

Mark 8:12 He sighed deeply and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? Truly I tell you, no sign will be given to it.”

The question Jesus asked was not just for the people of his day, it extends down to ours: “why does this generation want a sign?” No answer is offered by Jesus making it seem as though the question was rhetorical. However, today as we read it, I want to postulate a response for my generation.

My generation is one that has excelled in the realm of facts and data. We have pushed science to limits inexplicable, and thus we thrive on certainty. The higher the degree of certainty, the more likely we are to commit- even if it is just a little bit more. Many times however, God only tells us enough to get our obedience and the trigger our first step. The remainder of the journey is revealed as we travel on. My generation doesn’t appreciate that.

Can you guarantee that it will happen? Can you confirm the date you reckon things will get done? Can you promise me that you will do it? Can I know what the plan is now? Those are our concerns. Any iota of uncertainty disturbs our state of rest and that is why my generation asks for a sign. A sign from God that all will be alright, a sign that indeed what is promised will come to pass, a sign that God actually knows what He’s doing and is who He claims to be.

Beloved, God will not always respond as we desire, the question is do we Trust Him enough to begin with the little He let’s us know? That is the patience of faith- something without which it is impossible to please God.


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