DAY 42/365

Everyday presents an opportunity to learn new things even about the things we think we know much about. I had an interaction that revealed that some information is only known by people within a specific scope of influence. However hard you try, unless you ask, that body of knowledge might never come to you.

God has committed many things to men. It therefore takes knowing ‘which men keep what’ to receive from the abundance of what God is doing. There are many things we may strive to know and do by ourselves, but sadly we won’t get very far. Not because we are incapable, but because to know those things in particular, we have to “go to them that sell and buy”.

Yes, there are times when locating the custodians of secrets becomes the surest way to obtain the keys to open certain doors. For you don’t have to always struggle looking for keys to open doors when knocking can get those behind that door to open up and usher you in.


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