According to the calendar days, today marks the end of the year in the part of the world I find myself. Others have already transitioned so as we countdown the hours for the year to turn the corner, it’s time to do a bit of rounding up.

This means some questions will have to be answered, first amongst them ‘where are you?’ This is not merely the request for a geophysical point of reference, but to solicit an account of your spiritual, intellectual, social, financial and physical health. Beloved, where are you?

Have you moved forward or did you find yourself moving backwards? Were you able to take a step to the side or did you stay in the same spot? Regardless of what your position is, you would realise that it has been the sum of multiple decisions throughout the year.

Some decisions were made FOR you, others made WITH you and many more made BY you. A guiding principle for me this past year has been ‘Decisions decide destiny’ so as the year draws to a close, I implore you to ponder on those words. Every decision in turn is made on the strength of available information.

So beloved, go for knowledge in the new year because that will guide your decisions – your actions and inactions. These in turn will guide your life.


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