We read again about the story of the seven brothers and the woman who was married to each one of them. While it isn’t impossible that the Sadducees cooked up this story to trap Jesus, its content does call for action. Our spotlight today falls on the ‘wife’ because mind you ‘all seven brothers were married to her in their lifetime’.

Think about it this way’ Relationships are meant to be advantageous connections’, but seven relationships turned out disadvantageous and at the centre of it all was one individual. Thus, in one lifetime, a whole bloodline ended while in a relationship with one person’. 

We realise as Jesus is told this story, it was shortened thus:
” And the third took her; and in like manner the seven also: and they left no children, and died (Luke 20:31)”
As though to say ‘no need to elaborate, you can easily guess what happens to all seven’.

A few questions sprung to mind:

  • If the first occurrence was unlucky, and the second perhaps an unfortunate situation, how about the third, and fourth through to the seventh?
  • How many more challenges will be required for you to pick the signals?
  • How many more red flags are required for you to realise you are in battle?
  • How many more disappointments will it take for you to arise?

If you leave bad patterns to continue uninterrupted, they will become stones rolling downhill – only gathering momentum to cause greater damage.


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