Whenever there is a disruption to blood flow to any part of the body as a result of an occlusion, emergency intervention is required lest that body part suffers irreparable damage.

The potency of the word of God in a person’s life is resident also on its ability to adequately permeate and perfuse ever aspect of their very living. It has to find room to reach everywhere without interruptions, for that is how fruits mature. The voice translation of todays text adds an extra layer of context:

"A third group hears the message message, but as time passes, the daily anxieties, the pursuit of wealth, and life’s addicting delights outpace the growth of the message in their hearts. Even if the message blossoms and fruit begins to form, the fruit never fully matures because the thorns choke out the plants’ vitality (Luke 8:14).

When watered and fed, the pursuits, anxieties and pleasures of life, which compete with the word, can choke out the vitality of the Word. These situations in a believer’s life wield the potential to make the Word of God of non-effect.

Beloved, fruits mature when supply of  nutrients is uninterrupted – so don’t let life’s anxieties and pleasures or the pursuit of wealth outpace the growth of God’s Word in your heart.


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