Numbers 21:4b "The people's tempers grew short because of the detour"

Other versions render the text ‘the people grew impatient on the way’. When that happened, the first thing they did was to spoke against God and Moses; against God and against man.

In their minds, they had stayed too long on the journey to not have arrived yet and so they became impatient. Tempers flared and anger brewed, consequently, harsh words were thrown the way of both God and man. In this instance, God’s response was immediate – poisonous snakes decimated many. Moses, however, remained the advocate going back to God on their behalf.

But don’t be too excited thinking nothing happens with men who are dishonoured because of impatience.  In your impatience, when you speak against men, you close your doors of access to them. Whatever advantage then such men were intended to bring towards the fulfilment of destiny could be lost because you closed the door of access to them in your anger, fuelled by impatience.

Sometimes beloved, all you need is an extra minute of reflective pause pause before you respond to that text message or phone call. All you need may be an additional day of prayer before you decide to throw in the towel or sign those papers. Of certainty, while you may be on a journey that seems to be headed no where, if it is God you set out following from the start, then the destination is surely ahead of you.

Don’t let impatience be the thief that robs you of inheritances and advantages earmarked for you.


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