Sunday Mass always presents minibites for reflection and so today, I  share a few:

“Anyone who looks for Jesus without the cross, will find a cross without Jesus”

However scary that thought sounds, there is truth in there because it is very tempting to seek only for the good parts of anything: the benefit of driving without having to buy fuel or taking medications without the risk of any side effects. In our search for Jesus therefore, while He is unapologetic about the fact that we will encounter challenges, many would rather have Him without the challenges.

Yet, here lies the outcome: ‘ in looking for Jesus without a cross, you will find a cross without Jesus. Simply put, you are likely to encounter the challenge, but won’t have the requisite strength to overcome it.

The second was summarised in these exact words:

‘One mission is better than a thousand options: so don’t spend your whole life sitting on the fence keeping your options open because only commitment brings fulfilment’ .


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