In Proverbs 6:16-17, we are provided with a list. It is a list that begins with a rather scary preamble ‘there are six things the Lord detests, yes, seven things that are an abomination to him…
Following this introduction, we get a list and included on that list is “a lying tongue”.

Hananiah, the Prophet, must have been either very bold with no fear of the Lord or very ignorant to stand in front of the Assembly to declare ‘Thus says the Lord (Jeremiah 28:2)’ – when God had not sent Him.

A journey through the word will reveal to us that God always came down hard on anyone who maliciously used words to rob others of what could have been a glorious inheritance, hope or encouragement. We can recall the story of the twelve spies sent by Moses to survey the Land. The bad report of a majority spurred a disheartened rebellion that caused entire generations to miss out on their entry to the promised land.

Beloved, the word of the Lord is His will. It is the one thing He himself submits to, so that after saying he had given dominion to man, to return, the Word had to become flesh. God would  therefore not allow the same word to become a weapon used against His own.

So a warning comes to all who preach, teach and communicate the word of God as His voice; ‘as you have heard, so proclaim’. But also to you, to whom the word of the Lord is addressed, how much of it have you searched out for yourself?


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