The setting is Accra, Ghana: for the many who have travelled along new routes, unless there is a passenger who can accurately guide you on every bend, a SatNav or Tomtom can be an invaluable friend. Many drivers religiously follow every instruction and while they often arrive safely at the set destination, every now and then, they do end up on rather ‘uncomfortable’ stretches of road.

Such was the story of a very early morning Uber ride to arrive in time for an important appointment. While going over notes in the rear seat,  the instruction from the SatNav came ‘in 200 metres, turn left’. As a driver with nearly a decade of driving experience and knowledge of the community, I verbally instructed the driver to ignore that information and take an alternative route I suggested.

After ignoring the SatNav’s instruction and following the latter course, the GPS re-routed and gave new directions based on the alternative route. We had avoided a bad stretch of road.

Sometimes in life, people are too rigid with life choices and decisions. Most are not open to change and new ideas. Our mindsets are fixed with no or little attitudes to change and since we do not readily accept new ways of doing things, our progress is consequently stunted.

Life is littered with many pond-like potholes. Therefore, one way to arrive at your set destination with all parts intact, is sometimes to allow rerouting. Many tend to give up at the thought of having to go a longer way because of the uncertainties a redirected route may present. However,  we should be ready to adapt to new changes which will positively affect our way of life.

So make room for some re-routing on your life’s journey.

(Inspired by Miss B)


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