Luke 10:36 Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

It is no ruse that the Priest and Levite had places to get: the temple, the synagogue, the members of their community. That however ought not have presented them from being neighbours because the Samaritan was no different. He chose to be a neighbour first, and continued on his journey.

Often, we can become so self- centred, focusing entirely on ourselves and like the priest and Levite, ‘the things of God’ that we forget the ministry of men. We forget to be neighbours to others.

Our journey through life ought to be guarded by ‘owe no debt, except a debt of love and to love one’s neighbour as yourself’. We ought to, but with discernment:

“Do all the good we can,
In all the ways we can,
To all the souls we can,
In every place we can,
At all the times we can,
With all the zeal  can,
as long as we ever can”

As Jesus puts it, let’s be a neighbour to one another.


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