Matthew 9:25 When the crowd had been driven outside, he went in, took her by the hand, and the young lady got up.

Can two walk together if they are not in agreement? The words of prophet Amos (3:3) appeared to be the guiding principle in the interaction we read today between Jesus and the crowd present at the rulers house.

The ruler had a very different expectation to the crowd because while this audience had come to mourn the dead, the ruler had invited Jesus to raise his dead daughter. Those were two very different schools of thought. Thus, at the mention of the prospect of the girl being ‘asleep’ and not dead, Jesus was met with derision and a chorus of laughter.

We read in Genesis 13:14-17 of how the boundaries of Abraham’s promise land were revealed to him only after Lot, his nephew, had been separated from him. It should not really surprise us then that the first thing Jesus did was to order the crowd to move outside because they were not contributing in any way to the  atmosphere required.

Sometimes therefore, certain things will happen or find expression in our lives only after some people are out of the picture. This isn’t unusual, it is a matter of the seasons of life.


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