Reference text: Acts 12:1-11


Herod sits in our limelight today and rightly deserving because of how far he was was ready to go to get the results he wanted. In particular, his intricate security plan to ensure Peter remained in custody until after the passover so he could present him to the people to increase his approval rating. But for a divine intervention which overrode whatever he intended, Herod would have succeeded.

Let’s remind ourselves of Peter’s security detail: ‘he was bound in chains with sentries behind the door. And all through, he was guarded by four squads of four soldiers each (12:4,6). We may deem the above a bit extreme just for one man. But we shouldn’t forget that ‘ that one man called Peter, was Herod’s prized asset (or so Herod thought).

Beloved, sometimes to protect what matters, one might go to what others call ‘crazy lengths’. When God wanted to restore man to Himself, He sent his son to die on the cross. There are times when we also have to do the same and leave no stone unturned to guard the things that matter.


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