Amos 3:3-5 Do two walk together except they make an appointment and have agreed?
Does a lion roar in the forest unless he has found a victim?
Does a young lion growl in his den unless he has caught something?
Does a bird get caught in a trap if the trap has not been baited?
Does a trap spring unless something sets it off?

The first verse of today’s text is the most popular in the sequence ‘can two walk together unless they agree’ (3:3). Personally, the verses that followed seemed new to me and so I found myself saying ‘wow, nothing just happens’.

Following along the verses, we will realise that everything happens:
1. As a result of something
2. In anticipation of something or
3. In response to something

The Spanish words ‘que sera sera’ translated ‘what will be will be’, therefore returns to the frame of our thinking and we are prompted to do a bit of pondering on it. We ought to ask the question ‘is that really the case?’

Doing nothing really will get us nowhere because there is always an active and participatory dimension even to faith. Believing alone is not enough because if you hang solely unto the expectation that ‘what will be, will be,’ you set yourself up for a grande disappointment.


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