2 Kings 11:1 And when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal. 

Whenever we are eagerly anticipating an opportunity, we lay down all the ground works pending its arrival. So when it does show up, we are voracious and wild, grabbing it with both our hands. We may fight nice and fair, but very often we have no problem if the fighting gets down and dirty. We will get ourselves muddied if it secures that opportunity.

That was what Athaliah, mother of King Ahaziah did. She waited for her son’s passing to initiate a wipe out protocol aimed at complete eradication of all royal seed. We don’t need to look far to discern her reason – she had an opportunity to sit on the throne and she was not going to let it pass. We read however that in the seventh year, she lost both her title as Queen and her life (vs 20).

There is something about ignoring the process to specific results. By all means, grace can accelerate the rising of people into places of influence. But where an individual pushes their way to the top by playing  dirty, ignoring all principles, protocols and rules that guide rising, they are setting themselves up for failure from a very high pedestal.

Definitely then beloved, seek to take opportunities when they come your way, but do not forgot that opportunities are governed by processes and protocols.

Don’t rise in life with a trail of broken rules tagging along.


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