Reference text: 2 Kings 2:6-14


There was only one condition for Elisha to receive the portion of Elijah’s anointing he desired: he had to see Elijah being taken into heaven (vs 10) Interestingly, this condition was made known to him after the crossing of the Jordan. Moments before, had he not discerned otherwise, Elijah would have convinced him to stay behind while he crossed the Jordan alone (vs 6).

We would realise that Elisha was so close to receiving, but conversely, he could also have ended up with nothing had he not pressed on further for a few yards further.

Sometimes, we can get tired when we are that close to the end of our race. When we are close to achieving a particular breakthrough, results or our goal, we can get weary. In our state of tiredness, we can stop moving forward and down all tool. We could end up missing out entirely on whatever returns we stood to gain.

So don’t stop at the shores of the Jordan, cross over to the other side for on that side lies the fruits of your work.


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