Every now and again, our experiences in life, shape our outlook. The way we relate to others are therefore a product of our previous encounters. Thus, if those encounters were characterised by mistrust, we are likely to move forward into future relations with a similar expectation. Not because we want to, but because our brains have been wired to recognise patterns and respond appropriately.

A quote I read this morning is the bedrock of this discourse:

‘Every glass looks like a weed if you look at it with hatred,
Every person is a flower if you look at them with kindness’

The way we perceive a person determines how we relate to them, even before they say a single word. Very often therefore, without encountering an individual for ourselves, we go along with what others say about them. But as the quote suggests, until we look through a different set of lenses, every grass is just a bunch of weeds.

By all means, one needs to remain circumspect and apply the necessary wisdom, but we cannot assume the default state: ‘All people are bad, all people are untrustworthy, all people do not deserve our care. It’s important we put down our lenses of prejudice to enable us see the potential flowers in others.


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