DAY 149/365

Reference text: Acts 25:13-21

You are strong, I know your strength is praiseworthy.
You are gifted, I know your gifts can set you in the midst of royalty
You are brave, I know that you are fearless and no challenge fazes you.
You have a history of victories- defeat has no place near your dwelling and in the face of battle, you stand resolute.

But with all these, has pride in your own abilities gotten to your head?
While Paul was the one on trial, we realise Festus was the one in his defense.

Whenever you think you know how to fight your own battles, and are confident in your ability to win them,
When you reckon your strength is enough to sustain you in the battle, God looks on and laughs. Beloved, trust God to fight your battles for you becasue there are some battles that you stand no chance showing up without His help.


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