John 16:29 Then Jesus’ disciples said, “Now you are speaking clearly and without figures of speech.

Figures of speech are intended to enrich conversations, but they are limited to a specific kind of relationship. For one to be understood as such, their heart must be revealed in the words they say and this was what the disciples spoke to Jesus about today.

The use of proverbs and parables are useful only when the minds that hear them are able to grasp any underlying mysteries they relay. Otherwise, they really profit not. When our relationship with any person ascends to a higher place, every word and action communicated is intended to trigger understanding and not confusion. At this point, we step into a terrain of clarity.

In Mark 4:34, we read ‘Jesus did not say anything to them without [using] a parable; He did, however, explain everything privately to His own disciples’. Like them, it is such clarity which brings understanding. And with that understanding will proceed actions of obedience and faith.

Clarity is therefore a signature of a developed relationship, one where there has been an intentional attitude regarding growth.


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