At the start of a new month, let’s  ponder on these snippets:

1. People simply don’t fight for what they believe, it is instead a fight to maintain the match between what they believe, what they expect and what they desire (JBP)
That is where you can encounter real chaos if real balance is not found.

2. To build strategic and lasting destiny relationships, all parties involved need to be driven by similar foundational values about God and life. (JS)
In the absence of this, collapse is inevitable.

3. If we each live properly, we will collectively flourish (JBP)
We often underestimate the place of individual contribution to collective wellbeing. In a well oiled machine, each plays its part and that effective action in tandem is what gives the whole machine its total output. So then, each of us should aim to be the best versions of ourselves, and by extension, the whole community flourishes.


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