Acts 6:10-11 The Holy Spirit gave Stephen such wisdom in responding to their arguments that they were humiliated; in retaliation, they spread a vicious rumor: “We heard Stephen speak blasphemies against Moses and God.”

In a boxing match, you cannot hit below the belt, or strike with your head, forearm and elbow. Employing these tactics amounts to disqualification and it is something both sets of fighters are made aware of before fighting begins. Likewise, for anyone involved in a debate like Stephen was, this was a battle using words hence you would expect the exchange to be limited to this sphere.

However, for the people of the world, those rules could go take a nap because within the circle Stephen found himself, winning was the only goal. The manner in which that victory came did not matter whether it came by cheap shots or tactics or simply hitting below the belt. Victory had to be secured one way or another. Hence, an unfounded instigation against him.

This ‘winning whatever the cost’ idealogy seems to be one which many have now bought into. We have to become so ‘winning conscious’ that the ‘how to win right’ has become something we don’t even bother about. By adopting this approach to life, we may indeed win at some things, but we would also lose out on many other things that matter.


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