DAY 111/365


A question to start with or think about. Regarding what you’re doing now, do you have God’s permission?

Sometimes, when we want something bad enough, we can convince ourselves that God is blessing it when in fact He may be warning us against it. Regardless, of the circumstances then, God’s mercy abounds and that can cushion the impact of any blows intended to bruise us. However, we ought not mistake God’s mercy for His permission, because the two are not the same.

Regardless of the race, “unless one completes the race while complying with the rules, they lose the prize even if they come out first” (Dr M. A)

These words in a reflection by a brother has stuck with me for a while.
Every race has its rules, and the race called life is no different. Everyone appears to want to win at this race, but few forget that there are rules and principles that guide the race.

You can run to win, but your win is validated only if the principles of the race are obeyed.


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