The feast of Annunciation falls on the 25th of March, exactly nine months, before the celebration of the Nativity of Christ on 25th December. It marks the day the Angel was sent to Mary to announce she would give birth to Jesus. But beyond dates and celebrations, something else comes to mind today:

Every annunciation is a declaration of war, for it is an expression by God, a loud and audible cry out of the plans He has for you.

By all means then, you don’t expect all parties of interest to cross their hands and watch you waltz into those great seasons do you?

Every annunciation therefore means an ushering into a season of warfare. It marks the beginning of a sequence of challenges that will aim to abort and impede arrival at the time of birth. It marks the commencement of periods of internal turmoil and external strife, of conflicts between faith and doubt, a contemplation of possibilities versus probabilities.

Yet, one thing is certain. God will not announce that which He is unable to deliver on. He is able and willing to usher safely to the time of birthing for if He has announced it, then the resources for its execution have already been provided. An annunciation means it is done.


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