Reference text: Jeremiah 17:5-10

Today’s text highlights three features of the man who Trusts in the Lord:

1. He does NOT FEAR when heat comes.
Not ‘if’, but when, indicating the certainty that there will be a time of heat because seasons come and seasons. The only difference is the absence of fear when this happens for  the one who trusts in the God of seasons is not afraid to transition into another season since He who made the seasons is their guide the whole way.

2. He is NOT ANXIOUS in the day of drought.
Times come when things dry up – when resources are in dire supply. Times when abundance is scarce, when options appear non existent. Even in those days when the hardened ground requires pummelling, the person who trusts in the Lord is calm. Not anxious, but at rest because of the depths of their roots.

3. He does Not CEASE to bear fruit.
In harsh conditions, fruit bearing is a luxury, but not to the one who trusts in the Lord. For such, their seasons of fruitfulness are continuous. They have results to show all year round and they flourish when everyone expects a failure. They reap a bounty harvest even when no yield is expected.

However, all of the above rest on one single premise – ‘ the man believes and trusts in and relies on the LORD. And his hope and confident expectation is the LORD.


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