Today, I share a reflection on some thoughts from my current reading:

Hurting people hurt others’

This may be consciously or even unconsciously but it is very easy to project feelings, experiences and expectations of the past unto current situations. As much as those events have contributed to shaping our ‘present’, there comes a time when we have to lay them down and move on.

‘Your future has no room for your past so don’t get stuck in a moment.’

Yesterday may have brought us to today, but there is no room in tomorrow for yesterday. Stepping into the future might seem to require fragments from the past. But looking into the rear view mirror of a moving vehicle only shows the things being left behind. You can therefore remain fixed at a moment in time, glued in place that every opportunity to advance skips you by or get moving.

We can not be truly free of the past if it becomes our leverage and bargaining chip to manipulate people and situations. Let’s find healing so we can move on.


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