We read the story of the prophetess Anna today and what stood out to me were the words ‘She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying (Luke 2:37b)

That to many, might seem like a very boring life, but that was where she had found her place; for there, she would encounter the Christ. So do take a minute today to think about the question ‘where do I belong?’

Surely, one place you can feel right at home is in presence of God, but in the company of others, it is also worth pondering on this for a moment. Questions like ‘Where do you shine brightest?’ Around which people do you genuinely feel safe and can smile broadest? In whose presence can you be yourself without pretence? These can help one determine a sense of belonging.

Bearing in mind all the above considerations in situations that honour and glorify God, you could identify where your place might be. However, even that should not prevent you from continuing to grow because  ‘Belonging is not an indicator for stagnation’.


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