Sometimes, we pride ourselves with what we have and what we have earned, the fruits which we have gained with our hard work. So we pat ourselves on the shoulder and beam with pride.

But David’s words today direct us into a state of internal reflection, a pause that causes us to really look at the course of our life. He says:

'Who am I, Oh Lord God, and what is my house that you have brought me thus far?'(2 Samuel 7:18)

By merit, we really shouldn’t be where are. The equation of our lives was one plus one which should equal two, but why is the answer five? Where have the excesses come from and from where have the inexplicable variables emerged? These are some of the questions we will find ourselves asking when we really take a reflective look at our lives.

For all these questions, only one answer suffices, ‘it is indeed the doing of the Lord’. Your life’s story is littered with many explicable gaps so that you cannot boast in own self sufficiency.  


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