John 2:10 and he says to him, "Every man first sets out the good wine, and when they might have drunk freely, the inferior; you have kept the good wine until now."

Among the many things alcohol is able to do is to reduce response time and dampen the senses. One does not see as clearly, nor do they taste and hear optimally. It therefore makes perfect sense that the sequence of wine service described in the Gospel is presented : ‘good wine is served first before poor and inferior wine is introduced into the mix’.

The reason for this order was fairly clear – to take advantage of the effects of the alcohol because when people have drunk freely, there is a marked reduction in the quality of their taste buds making inferior indistinguishable from top notch. In simple terms, their perception of quality diminishes hence their senses can be deceived.

Beloved, the moment you lose the ability to perceive and discern value and quality, whether in people or in things, you set yourself up to be served with mediocrity.


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