DAY 335 OF 365 IN 2021


Today, here are three mini bites dwelling on relationships. Do ponder on them as you journey through the final month of the year.

Relationships are intended to be ‘advantageous connections’, therefore:

1. Be intentional about your relationships.

You will have some form of connection with many, but some connections demand your intentional acknowledgement. Don’t let circumstances, time and chance determine the calibre of people you relate and associate with.

2. Be valuable in your relationships

If people do not perceive you as advantageous in their rising and to their destiny, you will find yourself placed in a box quietly by the side. Your real value lies not just in the role you play but in what you represent in the relationship. So do ponder on what value you bring to the relationship.

3. Invest in your relationships

All relationships: business, spiritual, or romantic, is hardwork. They require commitment, honour and investment.
There is the law of sowing and reaping, hence it can be inferred that- you cannot truly expect returns if you have not invested.


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