DAY 322 OF 365 IN 2021


Reference text: 1 Maccabess 2:15-29

Those behind follow the leading of those ahead. Thus, to get many on board with a project, it is important first to appeal to their LEADERS -those people recognised as having custodial positions. When such people add their voices to a matter, many others are likely to jump on board.

This would account for the reason why Mattathias was the first point of contact when the order came for the Jews to offer sacrifices to other gods. He was seen as a man with influence, one whom many others  would follow should he make a stand

Knowing very well then that his stand and his opinion carried even more weight, he emphasised ‘I will not be a part of this charade to lead many away from God’. This conviction could not have been more resolute seeing what was at stake ‘the real prospect of being able to sway the opinion of multitudes along a particular cause of action with a single seal of approval’. That my dear, is the power of influence.

So another question to ponder on- what do you do with the influence you have?


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